Saturday, 13 January 2018

Web-Configured ESP8266

A unique feature of Internet-enabled "things" is that they often have an Internet connection and little else. First-configuration of these devices therefore presents a challenge, which most solve by creating their own wireless access point, to allow their owner to supply credentials for the local wireless network.

Web-Configured ESP is an attempt to abstract away the boilerplate required for this task, and other related ones. It's a "starter" sketch providing the following basic features:

  • Creation of a temporary Access Point ("MyESP") allowing the configuration at the conventional url,
  • A basic web-server running at this address, serving config.json and storing updates to it
  • An HTTP update server, allowing upload of new sketches "over the air"
  • An mDNS responder allowing access at http://myesp.local
Together, these features allow bootstrapping of sketches without requiring the devices to be tethered to a development machine, and user-provisioning of the finished article in the field.

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